Landlord FAQs

What should I include in my ad?

Our system will prompt you for all the essential information - location, rent, size, etc. Some of this information is required, and some is optional. You can also add your own descriptive comments to your ad. In those comments, you could note any nearby amenities, any special considerations, and so on.

How can I make my ad more effective?

Several things can make your ad more effective:

  • Be accurate and honest in describing your unit. The reason our system tracks so much information about your unit is to help better match renters with landlords. The more accurate your listing, the more likely the calls you get will be solid prospects.
  • Add your own comments. Tell people why your unit is special! Notes such as "big yard with fire pit", "close to park", and "shops nearby" tell users a bit more about the place and give them an extra reason to check you out.
  • Add a photo. Our system allows you to include photos of your unit.
  • Reach out to particular groups. In your comments, notes such as 'international students welcome' or 'apprentice students welcome' can help appeal to particular sub-groups of students with special needs. (International students have little or no household items and often like board situations; apprentice students are often seeking short-term, weekly accommodations.)
  • Consider your policies on smoking and pets. Many landlords prefer no pets and non-smoking tenants. But if you are flexible on either of those points, we provide a range of options for describing your policy. Being flexible about pets will increase the response your ad receives.

How much should I charge for my property?

That's up to you. To figure out what's a fair price, have a look at what other places are going for. Pricing depends on the size of the unit, the location, and how well-kept the unit is.

How many photos can I post?

Our system now accepts up to 10 photos of each property. You photos can be added to your ad at any time and it doesn't have to be done as you are creating the ad itself.

Does the listing fee go to students?

Yes, through their student associations! Ad fees first go to pay for the cost of operating the service; remaining fees are distributed to participating student associations.

Are the ads only viewable on the internet?

It depends on the school. Individual student associations may or may not choose to periodically print up the listings and post them. The vast majority of students, however, have access to the Internet and view our listings on-line.

For those stuck without internet access, we will also fax listings, within reason, out to students who request it.

What should I know about rental scams?

We advise that you be cautious of any email correspondence that asks you to return money (typically via wire transfer) to a potential renter. These rental scams typically involve a potential tenant overpaying, and then asking for the remainder of the funds to be returned quickly before the bank discovers the original payment is NSF.

International students can legitimately be contacting you from out of country, and we don't want to discourage you from renting to these tenants, just be cautious and ensure any payment is properly checked my your financial institution prior to returning funds.

We also advise that you NEVER provide your credit card information to an unknown party.