About Renting Spaces

what is Renting Spaces - the off-campus housing registry?

Renting Spaces is a national, on-line student service that aims to provide extensive and accurate listings of off -campus housing and of other students looking for roommates.

Student associations can participate in this program for free - in fact, after you sign up as participating school, we start sending you money! Contact us for details!

The housing registry is operated in conjunction with Whitematter Development.

more about renting spaces

Why is this program better for students? How does it work, exactly? How much can our school make? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in our FAQ.
the site: you're here already!
phone: 780-492-2633
e-mail: info@whitematter.ca
website: www.whitematter.ca
Everybody Wins!
From the outset, this program was designed to work better for everyone - students, student associations, and landlords.

Students win

  • Better search tools
  • Automated e-mail updates
  • Room-mate advertising for free
  • A better selection of accommodation
  • A toll-free help-line, expanded office hours, and more
Landlords win
  • The best access to the student market at a fair price
  • Toll-free telephone access
  • The ability to create, manage, and pay for listings on-line
  • Bulk discount programs
Your association wins
  • Participation is free; we send you money!
  • More money back from listing fees
  • Day-to-day operations of the service are taken care of for you
  • Upgrades and improvements to the service are free
Key Principles
Our service is designed with a few key principles in mind.

Unify the market. Our system lets all the participating schools in a metro area share listings. That means more listings for students and more convenience for landlords.

Better service for students. With market-leading features and a commitment to continue developing both the market and the service, your students will be getting a better housing registry.

More profit per listing. Because the operating and development costs are shared among all the schools participating and actually paid for by landlords, you get money back to fund your other student services. And you pay nothing - that's right, $0 - to get started.

Credit where credit is due. It's still your service, and your students will know that through the advertising you do.